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For anyone who is a hospitality professional, culinary student, server, bartender, or restaurant owner  always…


make this your one & only concern and everything else

will fall in line..

To quote the noted great Henry Ford…

 A business devoted to great service will have  



Making money is never the only thing working as a server should be about.

Do it right though & you will make an excellent income.

 Focus everything you do on pleasing the guest while providing the best service you can offer

Another great Henry Ford quote is, “A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.”

what is included?


We are offering 10 TRAINING MODULES focusing on service in the restaurant & hospitality industry



This opening module focuses on the importance of hiring the “right” person for various hospitality positions. 

If certain considerations are made in the interview process the likelihood of hiring & retaining a quality employee increases dramatically.

One more opportunity for a Henry Ford quote, “There is no man living who isn’t capable of doing more than he thinks he can do.”




Co-creator of Give Remarkable Service and author of “The Waiter’s Tips” James L. Poling shares some valuable insight on striving for excellence in any food & beverage setting.

With a winning spirit and attention to detail anyone can learn, grow, & prosper as a hospitality professional.

This is our link to our book The Waiter’s Tips listed on  ISBN# 978-1-4787-2684-5      Also listed on the Barnes & Noble site…

Salesmanship - Training 3


One of the most valuable things to perfect in any retail, hotel, or restaurant position is salesmanship.

There is a true art form to the timing & the execution of a sale.

Let us show you techniques to increase sales & therefore income for any individual or business

Quality means doing it right when no one is looking. (Another Henry)

Types of Service - Training 4

In this segment there is some description of various types of service throughout the world as well as historical facts about our noble & ancient profession

The Hostess & Host Are So Important - Training 5

The first person that most restaurant patrons will encounter is the host or hostess.

They are one of the most valuable assets to your team and therefore are key to the overall success of each and every shift.

Costs & Your Job - Training 6

Everyone has a responsibility towards the effective management of daily costs in a food and beverage operation.

Managing costs means adding dollars to the bottom line and can mean the difference between the success or failure of any business.

Managers and Their Tasks - Training 7

Being a manager in any food and beverage or retail operation is somewhat like coaching an athletic team.

You have to be on your game and lead others to victory each and every day

Wine Lesson - Training 8

This detailed course on the origins & qualities of various wines will enhance your knowledge and therefore salesmanship techniques.

Menu Development - Training 9

What does any restaurant owner or manager need to consider to create the perfect and profitable menu? Quite a bit! So let us show you how.

Cocktails Lesson - Training 10

Cocktails, wine, & beer are at the center of enjoyment in any dining experience and also a huge profit center for your operation. Included are some details regarding the creation of some favorite cocktails and the origin of their liquors.

Amy Barg  states, “And James Poling KNOWS of what he speaks! He was our server at restaurant last summer and delivered impeccable service! Oh that all waiters had his attention to detail and to their guests!!” (Amy is on LinkedIn and is a Growth Environment Specialist and Executive Director at The John Maxwell Team)

Patti was The Trade Winds Island Resort Employee of the Year for 2010 and top national salesperson of the year for 2014. She is currently proudly employed by the Opal Sands Resort.

…the BEST service we’ve every had in ALL of our dining years from Waiter Jim Poling, (and we are old, too! Ha!) He made every food item sound so delicious, spaced cocktails to app to main dish perfectly. Eileen and Bob Schuessler of Fishers, Indiana

Jim has a Level 6 Contributor with TripAdvisor with 28 total badges and over 60,000 readers

We have great bonuses to add to your FUN & Help you become the best you can be as a hospitality industry employee. YOU HAVE to HAVE SOME FUN & have to do it right

Easy to Do Napkin Folding and Place Setting

What is more beautiful than a perfectly set table? 

Learn step by step technique to several different napkin folds with co-creator Jim Poling

Front of House Signage - A Simple Lesson in Design

Have you ever tried to read some promotional information inside or outside a restaurant venue that was poorly done?

We will show you how to create attractive signage that works!

A Fun Wine Video To Help Your Confidence

Jim will demonstrate the presentation and opening of wine as well as giving discussion on some varietals & more.

Actual Food Costing and Labor Scheduling Techniques

You don’t want to get to the end of the month and begin “crisis” management of food and labor costing.

Apply these tried and true formulas for success each and every shift

are you someone who wants to know more about the

hospitality industry?


New to restaurants, hotels, food trucks? Doesn’t matter! Have you been in the business a long time?

Everyone can learn more about this industry


Anyone can prosper even the most experienced one


Some employees start with entry level positions to learn more about the industry


Even the polished professional can learn more & expand their skills

DO Your Best, BE Your Best, Give Your Best!

If you are new to our industry, if you are an established professional, or want to learn about a great business you should order our complete

10 Module Training Program and make the kind of income you deserve…



Many people new to our industry come with expectations & excitement to make great income & learn about food and beverages. They anticipate they will be trained well, placed with a good training server, and slowly allowed to stretch their wings

Following are a few questions asked by servers in the restaurant hospitality industry:

I am new to restaurants, but I really want to do well. What is your training like?

Good to hear the attitude to do well. It is important for a restaurant to have a good consistent training program easy to share and teach. Our answer is that we want you know how a restaurant really works so we will schedule in all areas of the restaurant. That means one day as a dishwasher, one day as a bus attendant, a day of hosting, a day of helping prep food and possibly cooking an items or two to learn the ingredients. This will also help gain confidence in the menu, build staff relationships, and help in learning how to talk to guests. During this time there is menu studying of food, wine, & cocktails. The first three days of work will be spent shadowing a key server and being their right hand assistant. This investment of time will show a new employee you care about them and want them to succeed.

How much money could I make?

You will be paid an hourly amount albeit small as a server. Some restaurants are very fast paced and you will turn tables quickly. Some restaurants are methodically slow because they want to give higher levels of service and charge more for their menu items. Patrons expect more and will leave higher gratuities for better service. If you are a bartender you can develop a great following and consistent money from these patrons. You should easily average a minimum of $20 per hour.

I am very shy and need to learn to open up, but what is the best way to do this?

It is difficult if your personality has always been one to stay back & not say much. It takes some effort, but we find the best way to learn how to open up is learn to ask questions of people. This is easy to do with friends and it will be a learned trait that you can carry over to your guests when serving them. Let them talk about themselves and listen to cue’s that lead you to the next question to ask. You’ll do just fine…

Is there opportunity to learn to be a manager?

Interested in management is great! If you are interested in growing through the system, then it is important to learn as much as you can. If you see a manager doing a particular task such inventory or scheduling of staff it might be a great time to see if you can assist them. Using one of your days off to come in on your own could show some great dedication.

How Does Our Program Work?

It is hard to put minimal description here. There are over 14 million people working in the hospitality industry.

With a winning spirit and attention to detail you can maximize your earning potential and obtain excellence.


With our program you place your order on the space below by clicking the purchase button. Complete the form and enter you payment information. It is COMPLETELY protected.

You will be connected to the site with the 10 Training Modules and 4 Bonus Packets. We will include additional bonus options in the future for free.

Our first 10 purchasers will receive our personal one on one attention of 4 forty five minute  sessions. (Don’t worry if we start to go over. We aren’t looking at the time clock especially if we are all on a roll).

Our second 10 purchase of the 10 module training program will receive a free signed copy of our book,…

The Waiter’s Tips.

Look for a page in the booklet with a secret marking and text us with the message and you could receive your whole purchase for free. That’s right! All your money sent back to you!

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30 DAY guarantee 100% money back

Yes! We offer a guarantee. First of all, you should make this money back in your first week, (not part of the guarantee), but if you use the steps recommended you should be more confident, sell more, get great reviews from your guests, and this will lead to making more mullah for you and your boss.

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